The AK-47 Chronicles

Why AK-47......well I have to thank a team of aviation engineers who gave me that term of endearment in 2009. it gave me a reputation. It worked :)

My Name is Avi and I was born 14,000 kilometers away in a land that is famous for curry and cricket and

And of course who can forget the after 5 pm call centers that specialize in calling Australians to “help” them with their lost tax returns and sometimes their computer passwords :)

My grandfather was a doctor….my father flew aero planes….And a few family businesses on the side completed my everyday life :)

Finally 19 years ago I was able to make the love affair with Australia permanent and moved to the gold coast after my father agreed to let me study again…..

So I did my MBA in Human Resources at Griffith Univesrity
my thinking at the time was Hiring people would be …awesome…
I could sit around all day ..
have cups of coffee with candidates and talk about the awesome company they were going to join….
What better way to enjoy working life ?
Then I joined the Australian Public Health system in the HR dept  
and discovered that they lied to me at University !!!
Because The HR department is the most disliked department in any public hospital !!
There I was thinking that I would be representing the workforce to Hospital Management
but I very soon realised that the employee unions were already way ahead of me!!..
I was just the messenger -  mostly of reduction in pay
so I was practically redundant since day 1…
it just took me 14 years to realize that :)
In 2009, I moved to Broken Hill for a great career opportunity but found myself having to drive 500 kilometers to Adelaide to get a decent Butter Chicken…..
It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase – a quick drive down the street.
So out of sheer desperation, I opened my own curry house 8 years ago and Masallas remains the First ever and only Curry house in Broken Hill till today.
After 7 years at Broken Hill I moved to regional Victoria and was loving the regional countryside….was a lot greener than broken hill.
I loved what I did but sadly hospitals have started getting into the unforgiving cycle of finance and budgets and I was terminating more staff in a year than I was hiring.
So when my kids moved to Dubbo earlier this year
my daughter called me and said its time I did something…. nice…..
The innocence of a 12 year old can do wonders for inner peace…
Now I sound like Dragon Warrior from Kung Fu Panda…..
Single people looking at me with wide eyes wondering what in the world I’m talking about….
Don’t worry…when you have kids …you will hear about pandas and inner peace…regularly
Anyway…my 12 year old daughter who has been discovering fashion and clothes shopping talked me into moving to Dubbo and bringing our family businesses to Australia….
My daughter had actually been calling my parents secretly which resulted in a family phone hook up in January this year where I was advised that I had responsibilities towards my retired parents…..I am 40… living the dream again….
they are retired….and travelling the world Till today I’m still trying to find out what are those responsibilities..??
In all seriousness, I had always wanted to have a couple of business on the side of my professional career but its hard to dedicate time to both… so earlier this year I took the decision to combine all three family business products under 1 roof and House Of Avi was formed in Dubbo….
Setting up a business in Dubbo is actually pretty easy…
Raine and Horne sorted my shop lease
and Bunnings and Officeworks did the rest !!
I just sat back and watched…. All my life savings evaporate….. !!!
Just kidding…they did a great job :)
Today - House Of Avi is Located on Macqaurie street opposite the Amaroo Hotel…I have got the largest collection of Scarves and Ladies footwear under one roof west of Sydney…..
The only thing that’s missing now are the ladies….where r u ????

IF you have actually read this far then for the next 10 days you need to tell everyone that you meet that they must look up :)

Life is ...not... a box of chocolates. 
Its the can choose what you want to put in it :)