Shoe Care

Everything you wear says something about you - even your Jutti Shoes

Whilst commercially new to Australia, Jutti Shoes are worn across the world as a comfortable alternative to the boring ballet flat shoes  :)
Our Juttis are hand-stitched using genuine leather. In the beginning Juttis don’t have a Left or Right but once worn, the leather starts to contour to the shape of your feet. So the more you wear them – the better they fit !

First 2 days – Watch a little TV !

Let the leather learn the shape of your foot by simply wearing your Juttis at home for a couple of days before you hit the town in them :)

Pro Tip -  Wear your Juttis and watch Netflix for a few hours when they first arrive :) The soft leather under constant pressure will naturally start to contour to your foot within a day or 2 :) You can also apply a little candle wax to the leather where the shoe feels snug as it softens the leather :)

Don’t Walk in The Rain

We make super comfy Shoes – not raincoats :) !! 

Leather does not like water so try not to dance in the rain or play 'splash the other children' in puddles of water - that looks good only in Bollywood movies :)

Cleaning & Caring For Your Juttis !

Just use a damp cloth or a wet wipe and wipe the Juttis now and then. 

Please don’t experiment with Napisan or Fab to clean your Juttis :) !!

Use Sard Spray for any stubborn stains.

Your Juttis literally have my name on them – so just tell your Jutti's to behave & they will look after you feet :) I promise !